Monday, March 5, 2012


Last week aku kje mlm... Shift favourite aku.. NO office hour.. Tp penat sket, sbb xde off.. Dr kje pg, tros naik mlm.. Energy level is drop to ZERO.. Heres r a few things happen last week..

Firstly, the CO-PIT.. Everytime im thinking bout him, reminds me of my old PE.. GUNA.. He is my first boss n i will remember him 4 the rest of my life... A man with lots of creativity, full of ideas.. Now, aku nk cite psl Chandra.. Bg aku, Chandra sorang boss yg perfect after Guna.. He is very intelligent, full of words, very competitive and really aware bout his surroundings.. 1 yg aku respect psl die, if ade anything happen kt line ke die la org pertama yg turun padang... Die akan wat tugas lebih dr org lain.. Everyone knows bout this i guess.. Die akan pastikan line 2 betol2 perfect... Boss lain mne de mcm 2.. Tau order je..Skang die pon da resigned.. No need 2 talk bout him anymore.. Hopefully pengganti die pon mcm Chandra gak atau even better..

Secondly, the line issue.. Mggu lps, a friend of mine, merangkap budak line aku commit an human error.. Due 2 its sensitivity, aku x blh ckp ape issue tersebut.. Tp aku rase, sume org da tau kot, sbb shift len yg dpt detect problem 2..  I felt sorry 4 my friends, but i do hope they will be stronger... Aku x tau  wat action will be taken on them, hopefully its not a major action la.. Dlm kite ht2 wat kje pon, mistake happened.. Its a total wake up call 4 me.. Pasni aku harap aku akan lebih berhati2 dlm keje.. (HATI2 PON KNE GAK 5S LAST DAY... CISSS..)

Lastly, the family issue.. Its bout my mom... She fell on the ground n was immediately rushed 2 the GH.. After a long wait, she receive a few stitches... Poor my mom... Puas aku nangis smlm... Tp abah aku ckp, bende nk jd nk wat cmne.. Redha je la.. Aku harap mak aku will recover soon.. Sblm ni aku byk bergantung ngan mak aku.. Now, bile die da sakit ni, aku rase bersalah sgt.. Im the eldest n i should take all the responsibility but instead i make her 2 do it.. IM SORRY MOM.. Didnt meant 2 hurt you...  Well, its a wrap now.. If ade mase nnt, i will write again.. DAAA..

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